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Ensnared by the Alien Medic by Nessa Claugh

Lissa Jones is a runaway human—not that her husbands would admit it if you asked them.

Married to two alien men from Lukrim to get off a polluted, dying Earth, Lissa found herself isolated in a culture she didn’t understand. Meeting someone through a bridal program had never been her plan, but she was dealing with it. And then her life came crashing down. Lukrim had hidden the existence of humans from the rest of the galaxy and Earth needed active assistance, not guardians who just wanted access to human women. Her marriage? A lie. Her husbands? Unwilling to let her go.

Voshan found himself ripped from his normal job as a surgeon on a planetary disaster relief ship to serve on a hospital ship. A war to free Earth loomed and there would undoubtedly be casualties. It wasn’t something he had ever anticipated, but he wants to free the humans as badly as anyone else.

After the two unexpectedly meet, Lissa’s backwater planet heritage becomes valuable in the operating rooms of the war. Lissa’s attention is on the operating table and Voshan, and he can’t keep his mind or his sul-tentacles away from her. The only thing standing between them? Her husbands are coming and they want her back.

Series Number
Book #3

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