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Ecstasy from the Deep by Octavia Kore

An enticing savior, an old love, and one deranged alien hell-bent on destroying it all.

The seemingly endless war with the Grutex has caused many inconveniences for Amanda, but none of those have been as bad as losing the funding for the project she is working on that is supposed to help save humanity. When she foolishly risks her life to continue her research, Amanda is thrown into the path of an alien, the likes of which she has never seen who claims she is his mate. The problem is, he isn’t the only one making that claim. 

As an ambassador for his people, Oshen is used to handling delicate situations, but he has never been in one quite so delicate as this. Instead of enlightening Earth’s government about the existence of Galactic Law and their right to seek aid, he finds himself face to face with the one being he’s waited his whole life to find; his mate. But the little human is in trouble and he needs to convince her to leave Earth or he risks losing the most important thing he has ever had. 

Damned. Cursed. Gulzar has been called many things over the course of his life. Many in his tribe refuse to even look at him and who could blame them? The only light in his life has been his little goddess, the only being in the entire world who looks at him without judgment. When he gets a vision of her in distress, Gulzar knows he will do anything he can for the female he loves. 

Series Number
Book #1

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