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Earth Halloween for the Alien by C. Y. Croc

Gargo has a gig booked on Earth in an exclusive Vegas nightclub for Halloween.

Hungover, he misses the shuttle flight with his band and has to make his own way to Earth and find the gig.

Estelle has just lost her job to an alien, and worse, her boss boyfriend was behind the betrayal. She leaves him and heads for a new life in Vegas.

The first female Gargo encounters is Estelle. She’s in a bit of bother with two Earth males. He helps her and even though she hates aliens; she agrees to take him to where he needs to go.

There is a day of travelling ahead of them.

Will sparks fly, or will Estelle’s hatred of aliens get in the way?

This is where the fun and adventure begin.

This a short 1 – 2 hour read. A Humorous tongue in cheek scifi romance story!

Series Number
Book #2

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