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Earth Forged by Sevannah Storm

Guilt hounds Izzy, who caused her sister’s injury and subsequent blindness. But no matter how she cares for Simone or what she sacrifices, it doesn’t ease the ache in her chest. With Simone and naive Caro, her best friend, Izzy’s role as protector is fully realized. The cost? Hiding behind quirkiness, pseudo-joy, and giving up her hopes and dreams. What she needs is a knight in any armor. After all, beggars can’t be fussy. She has no idea that armor, in her case, means black military and that a knight could come in any color, specifically bronze.

Oyaz wants to find his life force, his soulmate, and he’d like her to be human. Earth’s females are soft, amusing, passionate, and their scents rival a garden of hahyt blossoms. His task is to guard their planet that promises so many salvations for his males. It’s a duty he‘s pleased to perform, one he would die for. When Operations Commander Malo orders Oyaz to retrieve a human female, he’s eager to oblige. That it would lead to his salvation is something he couldn’t anticipate. What he hadn’t planned for is an ambush that costs him more than his memory, the loss of his soulmate.

Now what? Nothing in their training prepared him for this. And yet, despite not remembering kneeling for Izzy, he longs to claim her with every inch of his soul.

Series Number
Book #7

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