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Divine Challenges by Tessa McFionn

Prophetic promises make for dangerous pillow talk.

A handful of days have passed since Kahlym cal Jhuen stumbled upon the beautiful female who altered his entire existence. Strong, fierce, and willing to fight for what she loved, he is powerless against the undeniable attraction. But, the Rimmarian Emperor wants his alluring prize back and with every Thrall enforcer in the Seven Quadrants hot on their trail, Kahlym is running out of options.

Evainne Wagner never thought her Bostonian front door would lead her halfway across the galaxy. Neither did she expect to find passion in the arms of a drop dead gorgeous space captain. Guess life has a funny way of keeping things interesting. Now, all she had to do was figure out how to control the phenomenal cosmic powers spinning inside her mind without getting killed in the process.

Added to this turbulent mix is a true Rogues gallery of new allies and old enemies, and only the Goddess knows if love can survive the oncoming storm.

Series Number
Book #2

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