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Dina’s Realm by Mara Jaye


I’m not alone on this planet, but I might as well be.

The other Earthers and aliens here call me a suck-up. I don’t care because my life as a scab helps better their lives. Except, my life is lonely when I’m a social pariah. My messages asking for help go ignored until, on an ordinary day, someone extraordinary walks into the reception. Everyone knows the crushy Prince LukKrell Nial of the Intergalactic Empire, but when he’s in my office in person? The man stops my heart. When he wants me to take over for my corrupt boss, I can’t. Yet, how can I refuse the one man in the universe I only want to say yes to?


As a member of the Gharian royal house, I’m above a colony’s petty squabbles. More so when that colony consists of nothing but primitive Sixth Worlders. My brother, the emperor, disagrees. So now, I’m on a small displaced beings’ world and completely annoyed at my current duty.

Once in the capital building, I try to ignore an irresistible local, but it’s no use. My system recognizes Dina as my ultimate bondmate, and my heart agrees. She’s everything I’ve desired in a woman. Thanks to her, the last planet in the galaxy I ever wanted to visit is the only place I want to be.

Series Number
Book #5

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