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Dhakhar by Annabelle Rex

When Dhakhar and his crew board a suspicious vessel, he thinks they’re about to find a shipment of illegal weapons. But the cargo is actually something far worse – a collection of cryogenically frozen women, abducted from an unknown planet. And Dhakhar has just accidentally woken one of them up.

Waking up in a box full of freezing water has not been Charlie’s favourite experience. Discovering she’s lightyears from home only makes matters worse. But for some reason, the aliens who’ve rescued her think she’s a princess, and Charlie is just going to roll with it. If they realise she’s utterly unimportant, they might just try to force her back inside her icy coffin so they can ship her home without any hassle. Although, she might come to regret opting to take the long way home with surly Captain Dhakhar…

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