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Devolose by Alana Khan

Her friends say she’s fallen for the devil. Despite their troubled past and his scary tribal markings, she can’t ignore the sizzling chemistry they share.

Dev and I have just been rescued after three years together in the emperor’s dungeon. No matter how far this alien and I travel in search of treasures and adventure, or how intense our lovemaking, he insists I should move on with my life—without him. 

I’ve spent the last thousand days inflicting pain on Tawny at the order of our psychopathic owner. How could I not care for her when we’re connected in so many ways? But I’m told her feelings for me are due to some misguided bond—that they’re not real. 

Besides, I’d be a terrible mate, I have so little to give. The emperor took far more than my soul during my decades in his dungeon. How could half a male make such a wonderful woman happy?

Devolose is the fourth book in the paranormal romance Galaxy Gladiators Series. If you like hot alien alphas who love with all their heart and the strong, courageous females who are worthy of them, then you’ll love this latest installment in Alana Khan’s exciting series.

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Abduction / Enslavement Alien Pairing Audiobooks

Series Number
Book #4

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