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Deviant Challenged by Robin O’Connor

My own people tried to kill me. Now I need to convince this grumpy gladiator to help me.


Getting myself stranded, drifting through space was not on my to do list. But when the Alliance I’ve served for years suddenly tries to kill me, I’ve got little choice but to brave the endless void. Now who do I trust?

Then there’s the big, leather wearing, pierced and tattooed gladiator who has it in for me. We trade sparks as easily as insults, his sexy as sin body, and bad boy vibes getting right under my skin. But it’s the pain he hides, even from his gladiator brothers that gets to me.

Can I convince him to help me clear my name and get home? Or will I risk it all and give in to this sizzling attraction?


There’s a murder to solve and a feisty, traitorous human female to subdue. When she boards the Vagabond its clear she’s in league with our previous owner, the crimelord Drameil. I’d do anything to protect my brothers, even if that means locking up the pretty female that seems to want to challenge me every step of the way.

When my investigation takes a surprising turn, its Camila that’s at my side, helping me. I want to trust that. Trust the instincts urging me to claim her. To make her mine.

But she wants to go home to her family, and the Alliance is still trying to kill her. We have to find out why, and we have to stop them. I have to help her get home, even if that means I’ll lose her in the end.

Deviant Challenged is a full-length standalone sci-fi romance featuring hot alien gladiators, a grumpy hero, a bad ass heroine with a sassy mouth, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

Series Number
Book #3

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