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Destined for Darkness by Stephanie West

Tracking down killers is Stella’s job, but her latest suspect is the kind of seductive that makes a girl forget herself. Serus has penetrating blue eyes, is tall, imposing, and completely distracting. She has him cornered, but instead of putting the sexy rogue in cuffs, she unexpectedly finds herself standing on an alien planet, banished to a penal colony full of savage criminals.

Serus battles darkness. It is in him, around him, a legacy from his tyrant father, the same despot he chased to the remote blue planet—Earth. But he finally thinks he has it beat, and has even set his sights on a fiery-haired female who makes his blood ignite. Except when she gets caught up in his father’s trap, he must acknowledge that happiness isn’t his fate.

To protect her, he’ll be forced to unleash the curse, proving just how inhuman and lethal he truly is.

Will Stella’s acceptance and love be enough to conquer the nightmare or is Serus destined for darkness?

Series Number
Book #3

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