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Desperate Heat by Susanna Eastman

She’s planned a life without love. He’s determined to change that.

Jessamyn Zoma has lived in a virtual bubble. Born sterile and sexually unresponsive like many females on her planet, she’s sheltered by her loving family. She longs for independence and a path she can call her own.

To Tomas Zute, the Zoma clan are family. The esteemed Vantan warrior would die for any one of them, but Jessamyn means the most of all.

When she’s captured and drugged by sex slave traders, she’s made to feel things she’s never felt before. Tomas comes to her rescue, and there’s only one way to soothe her symptoms. But the cost—their years of cherished friendship—is just too high. What happens when the heat cools, and she’s back to “normal”? Can hours of temporary pleasure change everything?


Heat Series

Series Number
Book #3

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