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Deceiving the Alien by Lily Thomas

Fire, drought, crop failure. Ever since they landed on this planet, it’s been one crisis after another. Now, with no fresh food and supplies running low, Maggie and her fellow colonists are forced to move underground with the alien race residing on the planet. Although the two groups have achieved a certain peace between themselves, not all of the human colonists are happy with the arrangement, and it doesn’t take long before Maggie finds herself involved with a small group of humans who believe they can run the combined colony better than their alien hosts.

Kraeven, like most of the Aeci, is more than willing to make space in the vast underground caverns for the human colonists. After all, his own ancestors struggled to survive on this harsh and merciless planet until they made their way underground. He even finds himself making space in his own bed for a bold and dazzling human woman…But generosity soon turns to suspicion when Kraeven learns of a faction of humans planning a coup. As he investigates, he fears that his new lover may be involved. Is the passion he shares with Maggie real, or has she been playing him the entire time?

Series Number
Book #18

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