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Decaying Orbit by A. R. DeClerck

She vowed to save his life. He vowed to forget her when it was over.

In a desperate attempt to save his brothers, Vex did something stupid. Now, racing against time, his brothers have one chance to save his life, and it’s all in the hands of a petite pink-haired cybernetics professor. With no choice but to leave Vex with the doctor, they swear they’ll return as soon as they can. Riddled with pain and barely able to move, Vex has no option but to let her do her job. He knows that allowing anyone to touch him is dangerous, but he doesn’t want to die. Not yet. 

Augustin Moreau spent her life learning how to modify bodies to make them better, faster, stronger. When her old friend Sharyn calls, begging for help, Gus knows she’s the only woman for the job. Vex is stubborn, irritating, and bossy, but she recognizes a man burdened by grief and spiraling out of control. Gus knows she can save his life but getting him to trust her is an entirely different story. 

Trapped together on a planet in the middle of a bloody civil war, the two realize they must work together to survive. History says the two of them should hate each other; the scientist and the experiment, but something else grows between them. The only question is: will they hold on to it, or let it go and walk away when it’s over?

A Takamo Universe Novel

Series Number
Book #3

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