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Death Walker by Linda Mooney

After traveling through space for eons, hopping from planet to planet mining for the ore needed to fuel their ships, the crew of the North America may have found a world they can finally colonize. A planet that could have everything they need to survive and put down roots. But is Ayn Corin ready to settle down?

After being trapped in an abusive marriage for years, she is freed by her husband’s death in an accident, but Ayn is leery of trusting again. It has taken her months to be able to stand contact with another man, but Blynn Trainer is willing to give her the space and time she needs. He’ll wait for her, however long that takes.

Ayn is chosen to be among the first crew of borers to initiate drilling on the new planet, as well as Blynn and his crew, and an honor it is. Couple that with the fact that she’s finally realized that it’s time to move on and trust again, to trust Blynn, she is finally getting her happy ever after. But when tragedy strikes, she will lose it forever…or will she?

It seems the new planet is not as void of life as they thought, but are the aliens inhabiting it friend or foe, and just waiting to take over the newcomers’ bodies? Ayn discovers just how much her heart is willing to accept.

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