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Dark Queen Rising by Heather Massey

Return once again to the fantastical world of A Villainous Affair, where ragtag mobs join forces to strike a blow against aristocratic tyranny.

The gripping adventure reaches dizzying heights as Ruby and Nathan Darling—a dynamic duo of fashionable Victorian supervillains—continue their journey to gain unrivaled power in the underworld and beyond, all for a shot at transforming England into the social justice utopia of their dreams.

After becoming queen of the underworld, Ruby sets her sights on the real prize—overthrowing the Crown. Toward that end, she recruits powerful allies, assembles her army, and performs daring heists while Nathan expands their arsenal with his superhuman aether abilities.

As Ruby’s friendship with Nathan deepens, she grapples with strange new feelings that threaten her carefully laid boundaries. Unbeknownst to her, Nathan is drowning in the angst of unrequited love. Tensions build amid thwarted desires and the sting of rejection. Then their relationship takes a shockingly unexpected turn.

At the worst possible moment, the Darlings’ enemies grow bolder—and a thousand times more vicious. When Queen Victoria unleashes her imperial forces to crush London’s tidal wave of crime, Ruby faces a threat unlike any she’s ever known.

A Villainous Affair is a serial story in novel form with several point-of-view characters and best read in order. Books 1-3 end with a cliffhanger. Happily Ever After guaranteed.

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Friends to Lovers Steampunk / Dieselpunk

Series Number
Book #3

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