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DaR by Jennifer Julie Miller


In the blink of an eye, my whole world has collapsed around me. Headed towards my dream vacation I was snatched right out of the air. My husband, the love of my life, was destroyed right in front of my eyes. He fought bravely trying to protect me from a horror neither one of us could have ever imagined. I find myself standing in the spotlight on a stage. Mutilated and tortured, the blood from my body flowing freely down my legs along with my will to live. Piercing yellow eyes emerge from the darkness, but even the shadows can’t hide his imposing form. Gentle, but terrifying arms reach out for me, and within their embrace can I find the will to live again?


I am a badass, known throughout the galaxy for my brutality, as a ruthless and feared commander. With that being said, somehow I still got coerced into purchasing a slave. My eyes fall upon a small female who’s very essence and eternal light is leaking out of her onto the floor below her. I watch in awe as she accepts her fate, willing her nightmare to be over. I almost turn away from her and the unnecessary cruelly in this room, but the very thought of her dying on that floor surrounded by the very monsters that have done this to her disgust me. I walk up among the beings surrounding her and pull her from the stage, daring, or should I say hoping they try to do something about it. The moment I put her in my arms, everything changes. The attachments I have avoided my whole life become unavoidable. Will this damaged slave be able to replace the shadows in my life? One thing for sure is that I will destroy the entire universe to keep her safe. No one touches what’s MINE!

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