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Cyborg and the Single Mom by Susan Grant

Can a single mom who’s afraid to lose her heart find love with a fugitive cyborg who’s forgotten he has one?

Evie hasn’t forgiven Reef for invading her home and terrorizing her chihuahua, but agrees to a temporary stay to help Earth avoid an alien invasion. But does the suburban mom really want to shelter the alien hit man who almost offed her sister and future brother-in-law?

Reef can’t understand why these humans care about him, and has no memory of his life before he was conscripted and turned into a bio-engineered super solder. But as his computers fail, the man he once was emerges, and soon he’s determined to figure out how to navigate this thing called love.

(Based on the title How to Lose an Extraterrestrial in 10 Days)

Series Number
Book #3

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