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Cosmic Honor by Jade Waltz

She wanted to bring honor back to her family’s name and to save her people…

Falling in love wasn’t part of the plan…

When Jaiya takes her twin’s brother’s place on a diplomatic mission to end a war that’s been raging since her childhood, she discovers how it all really began.

If she cannot convince her people and the enemy to put aside their differences and choose peace instead of war, she risks returning as a traitor to her race instead of as a hero.

Disguised as a young male diplomat, Jaiya meets Prince Idris. Determined to save his people at any cost, something about Jaiya calls to him—and he does not know why.

When he discovers the truth, will he be able to get past her betrayal to work toward peace? Or will it only add fuel to the fires of war?

Series Number
Book #1

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