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We at SFR Station are here to help you! Need to ask us a question or have issues with a book we’ve listed or missed? You can use this form to get in touch with us.

Please note that we are not taking requests for guest posts or advertising. All of these requests will be put in the airlock and sent into space.

All requests to add, edit, or delete books from SFR Station will be replied to so that you can give us your information. Authors, please put a link to your Amazon author page in the message field below so that we may look at your published works and their covers. Professional covers are very important to SFR Station. If your covers don’t meet our standards, your request will be denied.

PLEASE NOTE: Your book(s) must fit our submission guidelines! Please take a look at them before filling out this form. We check every book, so please don’t try to sneak books past us. Fantasy disguised as sci-fi and dub-con/non-con books will be rejected, as per the guidelines, so you should check the guidelines first!

If you have a general question, please fill this out. Requests to add, edit, or delete books from SFR Station will be replied to so you can fill out our standard forms, but you MUST put your Amazon author page link in here so that we can check your books ahead of time for professional covers and the correct genres.