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Conning the Interstellar Conman by Ami Wright

A desperate runaway bride con one of the galaxy’s most devious conmen? Impossible.

Leshi lives a strange half-life, kept on a tight leash and never allowed to leave her parents’ pleasure resort. It’s her job to see to the needs of their customers while never being allowed to participate in any pleasures of her own.

When she discovers her parents have only preserved her innocence so they can use her as a bargaining chip with the local crime boss, Leshi takes matters into her own hands.

Stowing away on the next available ship, Leshi finds herself in the hands of one of the galaxy’s most devious conmen. With his wickedly beautiful body and his sinfully creative mind, Silas could teach her a thing or two about pleasure. If only she could get him to actually put those hands on her.

Silas is an interstellar conman. He’s always on the move, searching for the next big job. With the help of Aurora, his ship’s quirky AI, he’s never been caught yet. Just as he’s about to play the final move in a con against the owners of the Olympus Pleasure Resort, he finds himself saddled with their daughter who claims to be on the run from an unwanted arranged marriage.

When he discovers the sweet little stowaway in his cargo hold, Silas thinks the little mouse has stumbled into his trap. But the more time he spends with Leshi, the more Silas starts to worry that there’s another trap.

Now it’s him in danger of being caught. Worse still, he might even like it.

Conning the Interstellar Conman is book 4 in the Lost Romans series. It can be read as a stand alone, but is best enjoyed after reading the first three novels in the series. It contains graphic and explicit scenes and is intended for an audience who is over 18. A more detailed note for sensitive readers is included in the front matter. If you like steamy romance, a hero who’s a big pussy cat for his lady and a guaranteed HEA, this book is for you.

Series Number
Book #4

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