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Claimed by the Alien Space Pirate by Charmaine Ross

One fed up brother. One brash human slave.

Crysta knows the only way she’ll ever be able to escape the harsh reality of being abducted into slavery is to fight. She’s a born fighter, and she’ll fight her way out of her cage if it’s the last thing she does.

Being newly enlisted into the Interspecies Council Mercy Division, Veri is on a mission to free a shipment of human females from a slaving auction. He doesn’t expect to come face to face with his fated mate, as well as having the biggest crime lord of the ten Quadrants on his tail. So he rescues her, and runs for their lives.

It seems Crysta has swapped one cage for another. She wants to believe Veri’s wild tale when he tells her she is his fated mate – but really? God knows he’s the sexiest alien she’s ever met and her insides clench with inconvenient need when he touches her. But how can she believe his story when the proof is still around her neck in the form of a slave collar?

Veri must prove to his human female that she has nothing to fear from him, as well as stop the auction from taking place, but when she escapes into a city filled with the scum of the universe, he must find her fast before she is lost forever in a labyrinth filled with the worst of the worst scum this side of the universe.

If you like impossible odds, lawless cities filled with corrupt criminals, sexy alpha blue-skinned aliens and the tension of fated mates, you’ll love Claimed by the Alien Space Pirate.

Series Number
Book #2

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