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Claimed by the Alien Rogue by Krista Luna

The grumpy blue demon who rescues me is hot as sin. And he’s got one hell of a wicked tail.


I went to space looking for adventure, my job to guard the other women of the expedition. When gray aliens wake me from cryo in the middle of a bustling market, it turns out I’m what’s on sale. This sure as hell isn’t the fun I dreamed of!

A blue demon with horns and a tail leaps to my rescue. We escape into the jungle, zipping through the trees on a hoverspeeder with me clinging to his powerful back. Now this is more like it!

Gravin’s gorgeous and grumpy and growls in an unknown language. But he treats me like I’m precious, and his touch sets me on fire.


Banished from my home world because I didn’t have a fated mate, I never expect to find her on an auction block. Or for a mob boss to make the winning bid.

I fight for her. Steal her.

I don’t care that she’s not Zaarn. Car-Raa is sunshine and strength and the most beautiful thing in the universe.

The mating pull burns hot in me. I need to give her my mating vow. But to be able to talk, we need special translation tech. We dive into a heist, attempting to con the same mobsters I stole her from. When danger threatens from all sides, I’ll risk everything to save her.

And to claim her as mine.

Claimed by the Alien Rogue is a steamy alien romance featuring a grumpy alien mercenary who goes soft for her and a sunshiny heroine ready for the best adventure of all—love. Strap in for a fun ride filled with adventure, toe-curling steam, and a heartfelt HEA.

Series Number
Book #1

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