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Claimed by the Alien by Nessa Claugh

Adina remained on Earth to stay with her husband, even though she was the perfect candidate for the alien bridal program on Lukrim. She has a good job, a husband who loves her, and a hobby watching old movies where the sky was still blue. She’s worked her way up to be the director at the very program she denied herself from, but now her alien boss on Lukrim wants more from her.

When he offers her a deal she can’t refuse, she leaps at the chance to get herself and her husband off Earth. Her husband Mike is suspicious of the alien’s motives; how could he not be? Tahum is tall, blue, and hot as hell, and he can give Adina the one thing her husband can’t: a baby.

Tahum can give his coworker and her husband everything they want and need if they’ll only give him a chance, but can Mike trust this alien with his wife and not lose her in the process?

Series Number
Book #1

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