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Chosen By The Fire Dragon Guard by Aria Winter & Jade Waltz

To celebrate the peace among the Clans, each territory will host their annual Harvest Games. The winner will earn a place of honor among their people—chosen to serve on one of the Drakarian deep space ships.

Rakan is a Guard of the Fire Clan. He’s had his eye on me ever since his people rescued mine from the desert. The problem is we’re so different.

He’s a warrior and I’m a teacher. The glowing fate mark hasn’t appeared on his chest, and it makes me worried we might not be a good match.

When I find out he’s competing in the game for a chance to serve on a deep space ship, I don’t want him to go.

The more time we spend together, I find myself drawn to him and I can’t bear the thought of him leaving.

Now I have to make a decision:
Do I ask him to give up his dream and stay with me?
Or do I simply stand by and let him go?

Series Number
Book #5

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