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Chloe’s Turn by Keri Kruspe

When Chloe Reid ends up on the FBI’s most wanted list, the offer from the Alien Exchange fits right into her plans. Who cares if she has to hook up with an alien? It’s not like she really expects love or anything. She’s been burned more than once and doubts the fairy tale. The only thing on her agenda is staying far, far away from the Feds’ grubby little hands.

Prince Aylzrunth from Runihura has his own problems. Not only is he a male in a matriarchal society, but as Captain of the Royal Guards, he’s solely responsible for his sister, the heir to the throne. When she mysteriously disappears, he vows he’ll do anything to find her. Forbidden to go off-planet to search, he abandons his post and joins the Alliance of Assassins. They’ll help him…for a price.

Along the way, he interrupts the kidnapping of an Earth woman from the Exchange. He saves the captivating female, but now she’s his responsibility. Unfortunately, he’s not allowed to make her his own. His only option is to ignore his building desire for her and maintain a chilly distance.

Chloe appreciates the rescue, but she doesn’t appreciate the attitude. With no option but to work together, Chloe and Aylzrunth journey to find his missing sister. Along the way, they’re joined by a snarky spybot, a sentient ship with a crush on Chloe, and Chloe’s Mama who doesn’t let the vastness of space stop her from calling at the most inconvenient times.

Can two stubborn people stop griping at each other long enough to give in to the greatest adventure of all – love?

Series Number
Book #4

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