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Charming His Mate by Ivy Knox

Ahlvo saved my life, and now I need to find a way to save his.

Ever since he returned from Trovilia with a gunshot wound the size of a watermelon in his leg, Ahlvo has been in a dark place. He can’t train with his crew. He can’t fulfill his duties as Varrek’s second-in-command. And now he’s bedridden, stubborn as a mule, and incredibly cranky.

As a healer-in-training, I have been charged with caring for him. Not that I mind. I love my job, and under normal circumstances, spending this much time with the most charming male in the galaxy would be a treat.

But this is not the Ahlvo I know. The longer his leg takes to heal, the more his depression threatens to crush him from the inside. I want to help him. I know I can help him, but I can’t force him to focus on his mental health. I’ve seen firsthand what can happen if I do.

Most importantly, I can’t let my feelings get in the way. I’m not his inara, his soul mate: no matter how much he flirts with me, no matter how much I trust him, no matter how many butterflies fill my stomach when his hand brushes against mine, no matter how badly I want his lips on me.

I can do this…right?

Series Number
Book #2

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