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Charmed by the Alien Viking by Lucee Joie

Erix has just defied the Vikingr. Demi wants a better life for her human tribe. Can these two somehow fall in love?

Looking for some alone time, Demi finds herself confronted by an alien Vikingr right when she was taking a swim—how rude!

Yet, there is a spark between them that can’t be denied, regardless of what Alicia has said about him in the past. He has a darkness, for sure. But there is something else behind that gruff exterior that makes Demi want to know more.

Erix has screwed over the Vikingr time and time again. He can’t help himself, though. If he doesn’t do exactly as Jarl Leke tells him, his mother will be thrown out of rehab.

When he meets Demi, though, he suddenly realizes that maybe there is more to life than being threatened by his own kind.

Series Number
Book #4

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