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Changed by Heather Fox

Brooks: Waking up from cryostasis alone in an unfamiliar place is bad enough, but the holes in my memory make things so much worse. I had a mission – protect the research team. Only, I can’t remember who the research team were, what they were researching, or what lead to me being frozen in the first place. All I know is there are monsters here – green skinned, with fangs and claws. If I’m to stand a chance of surviving, rescuing the other frozen women and getting off of this planet, then I need to steer clear of them. The problem? One of them is following me into my dreams, and the more I learn, the more I remember, the more I’m starting to question who the real monsters are.

Maldek: I am a warrior who failed in his duty to protect his sister, but in her wisdom, Lina still grants me a mate. My Brooks is the most magnificent female I have ever seen, but there is great distance between our heartspaces. More so than my brothers have experienced with their linashas. More troubling still, my Brooks knows what her old tribe Mercenia were doing in Lina’s forests, but with her memories missing thanks to her long frozen sleep, she cannot share this knowledge with my tribe. I must do everything I can to help her find her way to her lost past. I only hope that in doing so, she might also find her way to me.

Series Number
Book #7

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