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Chained to the Alien Champion by Leslie Chase

Wrong place.
Wrong time.
Right Alien.

Marakz is the hottest man I’ve ever met, of any species. Also, the most insufferable. Though my holographic cat, Lord Pouncington, adores him—and he’s always wary of strangers.

I’m not visiting the Zrin to meet guys, though. It’s supposed to be a safe diplomatic mission, a chance to meet Crashland’s natives and learn about them. Instead, everything’s on fire, the Zrin are fighting each other, and Marakz has dragged me into the wilderness.

Did he rescue me from the wreck of our embassy, or capture me for himself? I can’t decide which is true. Not while all I can think about is his sizzling-hot body, a six-pack that sets me on fire, and eyes that stare straight into my soul. All that, and a devilishly versatile tail.

We both have reasons to go back, to salvage something from the disaster. My friends are back there, in need of rescue, along with the Zrin Marakz swore to protect. And our enemies who started this mess are waiting for us too.

Will the blazing attraction between us light our way into a future together? Or will we burn out as we face the chaos we’re walking into?

Series Number
Book #2

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