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Hey, Aliens need vacations, too.

Celestial Seasons by C. E. Kilgore

    Stranded on Earth after a hyperdrive malfunction, the five surviving members of the Zau’gaut’s crew learn to blend in and survive on a backwater world.

    Spindrift Gifts by Aidee Ladnier

      When his memories begin endangering his happily-ever after on Celos, Jimenez is forced to choose between forgetting his lover Teo, or accepting the sometimes painful gifts of Spindrift.

      Big Blue Valentine by Sue Lyndon

        It’s probably not smart to turn a powerful alien prince blue on purpose, but when Princess Minnie thinks her husband, Zak, forgot Valentine’s Day, she impulsively squeezes a lemon slice into his drink.

        Winter Fusion by Anna Hackett

          Ex-space marine Savan Bardan survived the Galactic Wars to become the most ruthless trade negotiator in the galaxy.