Category: Galactic Royalty


Ability by Eva Caye

Lieutenant Princess Brielle Sinclair, the first female navigator in the Sinclair Demesnes Service, can be sharp, sassy, classy, and determined, and oh-so-aware of her impact on the men! She’s totally ace...


Love and the Corps by Ava Cuvay

Bound by duty, two soldiers yield to their hearts’ command. Captain Jo Behsue has never questioned her career with Central Command’s leading military force—until now. Recent mission failures and the c...


Sarda by Bex McLynn

Lost in space? Ech, they’ll survive. Losing their hearts? Not without a fight. Lady Vedma wakes on an unknown spaceship with a tattooed mystery man beside her. There’s a dead alien on the deck a...


Thanemonger by Bex McLynn

If she wanted to survive her alien abduction, then she needed to kick some alien butt. Seph survived being abducted by aliens, and now she’s determined to get home to her young son. Her plan: find a s...


Taken By The Tigerlord by Kara Lockharte

He loved, lied, then left me.Now I’m supposed to marry him?I was so naive. I actually believed him and thought…it doesn’t matter now. What does matter: Kai is a Tigerlord, a shifter prince in command ...