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Abduction / Enslavement

Because Mars will always need more women.

Reever by Alana Khan

    After overhearing Reever’s predicament, abducted Earth girl Shiloh offers to be the handsome jerk’s fake mate.

    Talon by Demelza Carlton

      Rue joined the Colony for one reason: she wants her own farm, just like the one her parents had back on Earth, only better.

      Gladiatrix by Linda Mooney

        Captain Rylee Crockett, a member of the Galactic Force, is well-respected among her peers, and damn good at her job.

        Roklyn by Alana Khan

          Can he risk everything to trust the ailing Earth girl he’s sworn to protect?

          Torrvok by Alana Khan

            Torrvok, a cunning and skilled warrior, protects Sierra from enemies who hunt them without mercy.