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Enemies to Lovers

At first I hate you. Now? Maybe not.

Alien’s Mercy by Leslie Chase

    First, I was abducted by little green men, then abandoned on a prison planet, and finally captured by a band of alien slavers…

    Lhora by Linda Mooney

      The Coltrosstians and the Beinights have been enemies for as long as anyone can remember, but now they have a common enemy…

      Taken By The Mobster by Lily Thomas

        As an officer of the law, Isla’s seen the viciousness of crime, but when Haldon, a Vrak’rir mobster, is sent to prison, all hell lets loose around Guit’re.

        Summon the Stars, Vol 1 by Various Authors

          Summon the Stars is a thrilling space opera anthology dedicated to badass heroines on action packed science fiction adventures, and the scoundrels—that is, heroes—who love them.