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Enemies to Lovers

At first I hate you. Now? Maybe not.

Razer’s Edge by Selene Grace Silver

    An anti-hero slips into a dark burlesque club, nothing more on his mind than locating the club owner’s locked safe and leaving with its treasure…

    So’Lan by Alana Khan

      Brutalized as a gladiator, So’Lan’s body has finally healed, but his mind is still heavy with the weight of the many abuses he suffered in his owner’s dungeon.

      The Alien Lieutenant by C. Y. Croc

        Bizarre circumstances on board our ship led to the captain putting three rescued Human females up in a lottery to be mated by one of us stranded Federation officers.

        The Alien Admiral by C. Y. Croc

          Admiral Anagov has fought many deadly species in the Perinqual Galaxy, but nothing prepared him for the battle he is about to face after rescuing a trio of feisty Human females.