Category: Vijaya Schartz


Alien Lockdown by Vijaya Schartz

Alien Lockdown Series: By: Vijaya Schartz [genre] The year is 3033 in the Andromeda Galaxy, and deep in the bowels of the underground prison, something has gone terribly wrong. Rhonda Alendresis never want...


Relics by Vijaya Schartz

Relics Series: Ancient Enemy (#2) By: Vijaya Schartz [genre] The year is 2023, and an alien invader has infiltrated the human race. In a dangerous future threatened by aliens and infiltrated by hybrids, a...


Anaz Voohri by Vijaya Schartz

Anaz Voohri Series: Ancient Enemy¬†(#1) By: Vijaya Schartz [genre] The Anaz-voohri have returned from the stars after eight hundred years, to claim the planet of their ancestors… a blue orb named Ear...


Snatched by Vijaya Schartz

Snatched Series: By: Vijaya Schartz [genre] Snatched from a post-apocalyptic battlefield by galactic traders, Zania is sold to a clandestine ring of fighting Amazons on a planet lush with green jungles and...