Category: Susan Grant


Once a Pirate by Susan Grant

Once a pirate — Always her man When Navy Lieutenant Carly Callahan is forced to bail out of her fighter jet during a freak storm, she plummets into the greatest battle of her life—two centuries before s...


Star Champion by Susan Grant

A low-born woman willing to risk everything to save her family. A disgraced prince seeking redemption in the eyes of his king and people… Dreaming big on a dead-end world… Jemm toils for a mini...


Star Rogue by Susan Grant

An alien crown prince with a deadline to marry…A working-class woman from Earth who wants to stay single… Ché Vedla is less than thrilled about his family choosing the perfect princess bride for hi...


The Star Prince by Susan Grant

Princess Tee’ah Dar has everything except freedom. After learning to fly starships in secret, she flees the stifling rules of the palace for the wild frontier, and promptly gets hired by a man from Earth...


The Star King by Susan Grant

He will cross the galaxy to find her again… Shot down over the desert, wounded fighter pilot Jas Boswell encounters a heroic golden-eyed stranger from another world—one that is light years away. He ...