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Reclaimed by S.J. Pajonas

Reclaimed Series: Nogiku (#4) By: S.J. Pajonas [genre] On the road and gaining ground against Fujiwara, Sanaa and her team find the local population hesitant to accept them. Charm and bribes can only get th...


Reunited by S.J. Pajonas

Reunited Series: Nogiku (#3) By: S.J. Pajonas [genre] YÅ«sei has surprises for Sanaa Itami. The long trip across the stars ends with Mark Sakai delivering bad news from orbit over their new home, and thereâ...


Released by S.J. Pajonas

Released Series: Nogiku (#2) By: S.J. Pajonas [genre] Left in the desert to recuperate from her injuries, Sanaa Itami paces the floors and contemplates her mistakes. She trusted too easily, and now people s...


Removed by S.J. Pajonas

Removed Series: Nogiku (#1) By: S.J. Pajonas [genre] Twenty-year-old Sanaa Griffin is about to get more than she bargained for when she wishes for love, happiness, and excitement on New Year’s Eve. Ripped...