Category: Kelly Lucille


Stealing Jax by Kelly Lucille

Stealing Jax Series: Distant Worlds (#4) By: Kelly Lucille [genre] Tolan Lark is a Shakien Cat, mercenary, space pirate and occasional spy for the Alliance, but his hunt to end Cor Warrung and the death gam...


Creeg by Kelly Lucille

Creeg Series: The Tellox (#1) By: Kelly Lucille [genre] They were created, betrayed and nearly eradicated as a species. The rest they did to themselves. The Tellox are known as the finest warriors in every ...


The Alpha Prime Commander by Kelly Lucille

The Alpha Prime Commander Series: By: Kelly Lucille [genre] Lo Cordan, Commander of the Alpha Prime has known what to expect from his mating since he started having the mating dreams of his kind centuries a...


Finding Lara by Kelly Lucille

Finding Lara Series: Distant Worlds (#3) By: Kelly Lucille [genre] Lady Lara is out on her own, traveling the universe without family at her back for the first time. To say she is a little out of her depth ...


Salvage Rights by Kelly Lucille

Salvage Rights Series: Distant Worlds (#2) By: Kelly Lucille [genre] Found on an abandoned salvage with no memory of who she is or how she ended up there, she becomes the salvage claim that powerful men wil...


The Journey’s End by Kelly Lucille

The Journey’s End Series: Distant Worlds (#1) By: Kelly Lucille [genre] Nori is a shape-shifter in hiding. Known for their animal nature and bloody rampages, few would trust a Shakien Cat, and all fea...