Category: Edward Hoornaert


Escapee by Edward Hoornaert

Escapee Series: By: Edward Hoornaert [genre] Catt Sayer, an abused peasant and a fugitive from justice on her home planet, makes a meager living flying a decrepit airship that delivers supplies to scattere...


The Guardian Angel of Farflung Station by Edward Hoornaert

The Guardian Angel of Farflung Station Series: By: Edward Hoornaert [genre] When pirates conquer Farflung Space Station, security chief ‘Duke’ Dukelsky fights back with only two allies. One is ...


Alien Contact for Idiots by Edward Hoornaert

Alien Contact for Idiots Series: Alien Contact for Idiots (#1) By: Edward Hoornaert [genre] When American Indians from the future move their entire island nation to our Earth, Seattle biologist Ell Harmon ...