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Catching Hell by Aurelia Skye

The HLV virus, dubbed Hell Virus by the survivors, wiped out ninety percent of the population. Running low on supplies, Alyssa has to leave the safety of her sanctuary to find food. She’s ill-equipped to deal with a SHTF situation, and she’s nearly raped on her first run. A small squad of military men save her and take her in, with the stipulation she becomes a fully functioning member of their team. She wants to learn how to take care of herself, but she also finds herself wanting to take care of the soldiers in creative and unexpected ways. Life without pleasure is pointless, but when she’s already lost everything else, can she risk losing her heart to the group?

This is the bundled collection of the completed serial. Alyssa is learning about survival and how to love more than one person. If the idea of a polyamorous relationship with multiple men bothers you, this probably isn’t the series for you. If you enjoy sex with your survival, and you’d like to indulge in the fantasy of having a group of hot military men at your command, you’ll probably enjoy this story. Guaranteed happily ever after with no cliffhangers.

Be aware this is definitely on the steamy side and appropriate for 18+ only.

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