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Caldar by Nancey Cummings

Go on a star cruise, they said.

See the galaxy. Get inspired.

How’s this for inspiration? Sonia signed up for a two year-long galactic star cruise and now the ship is on literal fire.

Her best chance of surviving this disaster is trusting the one alien she despises. Nothing about the older alien is real, including his silver hair and gray horns.
So how can she believe him when he says his heart belongs to her?

Call him a romantic.

Some say he’s a traitor. Others say he is useful.

Caldar is used to being distrusted, but when it comes from the female he intends to claim as his own, it hurts.

He’ll win her heart yet, but first he has to make sure they survive long enough to enjoy their Happily Ever After. He’s just a romantic at the center of his duplicitous heart.

Series Number
Book #12

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