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Calan by Christine Myers

Calan Narcaza is a smart, sexy, psion who does “parlor tricks.” Like his father before him, he has come back to Earth to find his psion mate, Ajha Lann in Farringay. He has felt Ajha Lann reaching out to him for several years. He knew that for her to reach him over such interstellar distance could only mean that she was his psion mate.

He knows the dangers from the stories of his mother’s life on Earth in Farringay before his father came to find her. Only Calan has a different plan…

Instead of taking Ajha to his homeworld, Calan is going to stay and make a life there. He has bought an empty industrial complex on the outskirts of the ruins to convert into a refuge for the community he wants to build.

It’s a simple plan with unexpected complications.


Aledan Series

Series Number
Book #6

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