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Caged with the Beast by Aline Ash

Kidnapped from Earth and locked inside a nightmare, Marissa’s only hope is a notorious killer with fangs.


I’m in the hellhole known as Gerr’ a prison moon, light years away from home. My crime? Being abducted by an alien race who then deemed me useless.

I might be small, but I am not fragile. When my cellmates threaten me, I fight back with fists blazing. But after the fight goes bad, the punishment I face is even worse…

I am shackled and thrust into a cell with him — Kon, a killer given the moniker “Beast” by the other criminals. He’s big and intimidating, a predator everyone fears.

I should despise him. I became a cop to put people like him away. Too bad he is also irresistibly hot and the more time I spend with him the more attached I’m becoming. Is this love?


One look at her small quivering body and I know she doesn’t belong here. It’s called a prison, but Gerr’ a is a kill or be killed game.

All for alien entertainment. The more ruthless we are, the more points we get.

She is completely at my mercy. Should I end her miserable life, or should I protect Marissa even if this means I risk everything?

But as I enjoy my power over her, her power over me grows just as strong. I need to snap out of it. Now.

But can I?

Series Number
Book #1

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