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Breaths of Desire by Octavia Kore

A forbidden attraction, an unexpected love, and a madman willing to risk it all to keep humanity pure.

Life in space didn’t prepare Samantha for all the things she would find after her mysterious crash landing on planet X9: forests filled with massive red trees, plants that drip a liquid eerily similar to blood, and let’s not forget the demonic aliens who snatch her up the very first time she leaves the wreckage of her pod. The intrepid scientist is kidnapped by one alien and gifted to another the moment she enters the village. She never expected to become a captive bride, and she certainly never expected to find herself falling for two males who can’t seem to stand each other.

Hunters don’t get happily ever afters. Zuran is no stranger to loss, but when Samantha is ripped away from him and given to Olan, he feels the last threads of his sanity begin to fray. The breeding heat is taking over, pulling him into the inky darkness of madness he will never come back from. The spark of hope Samantha ignites in him is the only thing keeping him sane, but will he have the strength to pull himself out of the shadow of his past?

As a breeder, Olan has been preparing for his mating since the moment he stepped out of the agmari bloom, but the fiery human female his chieftess presents to him is not the bride he envisioned. She’s stubborn, mouthy, refuses to do as she is asked, and even has the gall to escape his hut while he sleeps. Samantha may have been bound to him by the All Mother, but Olan soon realizes his bride is going to make him earn the right to call her his.

Series Number
Book #1

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