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Breathless by Heather Relken

The Kholorua.

On Earth, we call them the Skyscrapers, or Whalemen. Giant, hundred-foot tall creatures that are generally docile but have a nasty habit of taking people home as souvenirs.

I became a whaleman souvenir about, eh, four years ago? Honestly, it’s a great life. We’re like their exotic pets–we’re given fresh, healthy food every day. Hell, our sanctuary is so large it takes almost a full day to walk end-to-end. There’s seventy other humans, so apparently our whaleman thinks we’re the cutest dog breed at the pet store, so to speak. Though the folks he’s kidnapped are kind of backwater, and find it offensive that I’m a gay man unwilling to procreate with their women, so…I tend to keep to myself.

And then the whaleman dropped a Væliāḷu into the big pond in our enclosure and…did I mean to fall in love with him? No, I was just sunbathing naked when he popped his head out of the water and catcalled me. But after spending months and months with this amphibious Væli merman, I mean…he’s charming, and impossibly hard to resist.

After almost a year blissfully alone together, neither of us expected another Væliāḷu to be brought in. Certainly not a female this time. Certainly not a female who will slowly start to die if she doesn’t get pregnant soon…

We’d just started to get so close to one another, and her showing up throws my heart for a real loop, but damn it all–she’s fucking adorable, guys, and I can’t just let her die because I want to keep my sex life going.

I expected to be able to walk away from this, let those two play at lovebird, but…apparently, neither of them will let me.

And I think I’m in for a wild, wonderful time.

This is a 24k-word SHORT STORY which features lgbt+ themes (male male romance) and a romantic relationship between more than two people. Anatomy of two of these characters is VERY inhuman, and is sometimes used in different ways than humans use their anatomy.

If that’s the sort of thing you like reading, then you’re in the right place!!

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