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Brak by Kenzie Kelly

She expected a boring post babysitting scientists. She got an intergalactic war and a one-way trip to a distant universe.

Space marine Anela was shuffled off to the U.N. station Shangris after accidentally punching a superior officer during a bar fight. They thought they were punishing her, relegating her to a career languishing under monotonous patrols and tedious paperwork. Boy, were they wrong. Three days after landing on the station, two warring alien ships dropped out of nowhere, plowing a path of destruction that included the Shangris and leaving the few survivors far from Earth with no way to get home. Never one to sit idle during a fight, Anela was more than willing to join the war effort against some slimy alien bad guys in her new universe. She thought she was done with curve balls—and then fate sent her Brak. A distraction wrapped in a blue skinned hunk and tied with a bow of fabulous skills.

As a Ka’atari warrior, Brak was no stranger to risking his life for the Alliance. He’d been at war his entire adult life and was a seasoned soldier. So he never expected to get caught during a mission aboard an enemy ship, and he certainly never expected his rescue to be in the form of the small human he’d helped rescue a few months before. He knew human women had a higher chance of being a genetic match for Ka’atari, and therefore a higher chance of bearing a warrior’s child, but when he didn’t rhun with a survivor, he threw himself into the effort to find a way to Earth. Then Anela found him, broken in a million ways, and as she put him back together, he wondered if he needed a genetic mate to be happy.

The Alliance and the other survivors are counting on them to find a way to Earth, fate seems to conspire against them (or is it bringing them together?), and an alien pet shows up just in time to throw a wrench into the whole plan.

Series Number
Book #2

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