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Bound to the Alien Lord by Ella Blake

My research ship crashed, stranding me on an alien planet with no hope of rescue. When I’m captured by frightening, green aliens and given to Grael, a brooding, scythe-wielding Destran male with chameleon-like skin and the darkest eyes I’ve ever seen, I don’t know whether to cower before him or kiss him. I’ve spent my life puzzling out the human psyche, but can I get through Grael’s formidable walls?

I am Grael, lord of my living, symbiont ship and protector of the Destran population living in it. I have enough problems trying to free my ship from the rocky crevice its trapped in. I am not pleased when I’m presented with a “gift” of a frightened human female by the locals. I have no use for the small, alien female, but I can’t send her into the dangerous wilds where she’ll be killed. What am I to do with the beautiful woman with the dark blue eyes and a smile that lights up my dark world?

As enemies close in with plans to take over Grael’s ship and extract the powerful drug it produces, Grael and Lexi must find a way to hold them off and free the ship, but little do they know the devastating monster coiling beneath the seething mountain itself, threatening to devour everything in its path.

Series Number
Book #2

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