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Bound by Tana Stone

She’s been given a choice. Mate with the part-cyborg alien who abducted her. Or die.

For Shreya, taking an alien for a mate was never in the cards. As one of the human women who rejected the idea of being a tribute bride to the Drexian warriors, she was just fine without a big, hulking alien. Even if they are gorgeous. But now that she’s been taken captive by one who won’t take no for an answer, it looks like she may not have a choice.

Vox barely remembers being taken by the enemy and turned into a monster, but according to the human he has tied up, he was once Drexian. Not that it matters anymore. The only thing that does matter is completing the mission he’s been taxed with—mating with the reluctant female. Even if it means keeping her locked up with him in an alien pleasure house until she submits.

But, her friends are looking for her and the pains in his head are only getting worse. The more he gets to know the human, the harder it is to imagine forcing her to submit to him, although he can’t deny his desire to claim her. Will he be bound by the aliens who control him or will he listen to his heart?

This standalone action-romance novel features steamy scenes in an alien bordello, a part cyborg alien with muscles for miles, action-packed space battles, and smoking-hot Drexian warriors who will do anything to protect the women they love.

Series Number
Book #6

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