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Blood Hunter by Debra Jess

Their love is written in blood.

Hannah and Scott return to Thunder City, their love stronger than ever. The Oversight Committee has other ideas, and decides to separate the two superheroes because they are too dangerous together.

Refusing to comply, Hannah and Scott prepare to fight. A sympathetic doctor trains Hannah to better understand her healing ability and promises to protect her from the Committee. Scott discovers his own mentor, a notorious super-soldier, who uses live ammunition and a brutal take-no-prisoners attitude with Scott’s translocation power.

Both of them flourish, but Scott fears he’s losing Hannah to her charismatic teacher and a medical mystery. Worse, he believes he’s losing his own humanity in order to fight a ruthless enemy.

Hannah and Scott are rebels in a city that rewards law and order. They rescued each other from Star Haven’s nightmare quarry prison, but can they save each other from a tangled web of intrigue while the Court of Blood pulls the threads tighter?

Series Number
Book #2

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