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Bela’s Bounty by Deysi O’Donal

The secret that humans still exist in the universe is out, and that makes the women of earth dangerously desirable.

Thanks to a botched translator implant, I’m near death when the aliens who abducted me sell me to the famed pleasure station, Lux. Where my first customer is a lizard-man with red scales, kind eyes, and a quiet nature.

It turns out, Treto isn’t here to use me, but to save me. He’s a bounty hunter who specializes in rescuing trafficked aliens, and he has been following me from Earth. He’s desperate to free me, but his back-up is delayed and the longer I’m trapped at the pleasure station, the more likely I am to be given to another alien. One that might not be as gentle as my savior.

I’m afraid it’s going to take more than one determined bounty hunter to extricate me from madame Athea’s clutches. Will she sell me for a dangerous night with a stranger or will backup come in time to get us out of the mess we’re in.

Series Number
Book #2

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